Friday, April 25, 2014

Two Farm-to-Table Restaurants Coming to West Concord

Last summer, we reported that a farm-to-table restaurant was planning to open in West Concord, and now we have learned that not one, but two such dining spots (which will be unrelated) will be opening in this section of town.

The Concord Journal is reporting that Woods Hill Table will be opening in the Commonwealth Avenue space where the West Concord Supermarket had been, while Saltbox Kitchen will also be opening on the same street nearby. The article says that the former will be run by Kristin Canty, who owns a farm in Bath, NH, while the latter will be owned by Ben Elliott, who has worked in restaurants in both San Francisco and Boston (including No. 9 Park).

It appears that Woods Hill Table and Saltbox Kitchen could both be opening sometime in the fall.

[October 16 update: According to a job post within the Craigslist site, Woods Hill Table will be a 150-seat restaurant that features organic and locally-sourced foods.]

[January 5, 2015 update: A post in The Boston Globe indicates that Saltbox Kitchen will be a 15-seat restaurant and microbrewery that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.]

[March 8, 2015 update: According to a source (and confirmed by the restaurant's social media pages), Woods Hill Table has soft-opened.]

[June 18, 2015 update: A Facebook post indicates that Saltbox Kitchen plans to open on July 9.]

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