Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ducali Owner to Open Cunard Tavern in East Boston

The owner of a pizzeria in the North End of Boston is opening another restaurant, with this one being across the water.

BostInno is reporting that Philip Frattaroli of Ducali Pizzeria & Bar on Causeway Street is planning to open a new dining spot in East Boston, with the proposed restaurant being in his grandfather's old woodshop (Oscar Woodworking) on Webster Street in the Jeffries Point neighborhood. The article mentions that Frattaroli hopes to build a fourth floor onto the three-story structure, with a restaurant, yoga studio, residential floor, and rooftop garden being within the building. It is not yet known what kind of eatery is planned for the space, so keep checking back for updates.

Ducali first opened in the North End in the summer of 2009.

The address for this upcoming restaurant in East Boston is 47 Webster Street, Boston, MA, 02128.

[August 15 update: Eater Boston mentions that the restaurant Philip Frattaroli of Ducali is opening will be called Cunard Tavern, which is looking to open at 24 Orleans Street (the same building as the Webster Street address given earlier). EB speculates that based on info from the Facebook page for the proposed eatery, it could be a gastropub, but this has not been confirmed as of yet.]

[August 19 update: An Eater Boston interview with Philip Frattaroli indicates that he is indeed planning to open Cunard Tavern, with the place being a gastropub as implied earlier. The dining and drinking spot won't be opening for awhile, though, as the old building needs to be torn down and replaced by a new one.]

[March 25, 2015 update: Universal Hub states that the Zoning Board of Appeals has approved of the plans to open Cunard Tavern, with UH also saying there will be rooftop seating for the restaurant--and that the building will include a yoga studio and four residential units as well.]

[May 9, 2017 update: Nearly three years after first announcing it, we have learned (via The Improper Bostonian) that Cunard Tavern is finally planning to open later this month.]

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