Friday, May 09, 2014

Hi-Fi Pizza in Dorchester Has Been Seized Again

A pizza place in Dorchester that was shut down last year for nonpayment of taxes--and which subsequently reopened after setting up a payment agreement--has been seized again.

According to an article in the Dorchester Reporter, Hi-Fi Pizza on Dorchester Avenue in Fields Corner was seized by state revenue officials on April 30 for taxes owed in the amount of $14,323.99, including "meals, local meals tax and withholding," according to a spokesperson for the Department of Revenue. As reported here, the pizzeria had been shut down by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in early January of 2013 for the same reason, though a deal was worked out between the state and the owners, while allowed the seizure to be lifted and the dining spot to reopen.

Hi-Fi Pizza has been in business for "decades," according to an article last year from the Dorchester Reporter on the first seizure.

The address for this pizza place in Fields Corner is: Hi-Fi Pizza, 1508 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA, 02122.

[Thanks to @UniversalHub for bringing this to our attention.]

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