Friday, May 09, 2014

Lamplighter Brewing Co. Is On Its Way to Cambridge

It looks like the "first distributing microbrewery" in Cambridge is coming.

Eater Boston is reporting that Lamplighter Brewing Co. is setting up shop in the city, with the exact address not known as of yet. The company's social media pages indicate that it will be a microbrewery with a "brewbar" or possibly (as EB says) a taproom, and currently. they appear to be experimenting with beer recipes.

As soon as we find out more about Lamplighter Brewing Co.--including an address, planned opening date, and beer lineup--we will post an update here.

[February 19, 2015 update: A new article from Eater Boston states (via the brewery's blog) that the people behind Lamplighter Brewing Co. have found Cambridge real estate to be "a rather elusive beast," but they now have a possible (undisclosed) location and they "have a feeling this one isn't going to slip from our grasp." If all goes well, Lamplighter brewery could become reality sometime before 2016.]

[July 23, 2015 update: Eater Boston is now saying that Lamplighter has landed a location--at 284 Broadway in Mid-Cambridge, more or less between Central Square, Kendall Square, and Inman Square and across from Bondir restaurant. According to EB, the brewery could be opening in the 10,000-square-foot space (which is currently an auto shop) sometime in the spring of 2016 if all goes well.]

[February 5, 2016 update: Lamplighter Brewing Co. could be one step closer to opening by next week, as the city of Cambridge will look into its request for a farmer brewery pouring permit and common victualler license (with a tasting room with bar also mentioned) on Tuesday, February 9.]

[February 24, 2016 update: Boston Magazine states that Lamplighter Brewing Co. hopes to start distributing its first batches of beer in May, and that its taproom may be opening in June; in addition, the taproom will include food items such as "hop dogs" (hot dogs using humanely-raised meats in which animal feed includes used grain and hops from the brewery), tater tots, pickled jalapenos, packaged snacks, and more.]

The website for Lamplighter Brewing Co. can be found at

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