Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Boston Burger Company to Debut a Food Truck

A pair of burger restaurants that is planning to open a third location will soon be joined by a food truck as well.

The Boston Globe is reporting that Boston Burger Company is going to debut a truck in the next few weeks, with a total of seven burger options available (including the mac attack and the hot mess). The truck is part of an expansion from the restaurant that also includes a planned location (of the brick-and-mortar variety) on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge between Harvard Square and Central Square.

It is not yet known where the food truck from Boston Burger Company will be setting up, though Kara from the Globe tells us it will be within the Boston city limits; as soon as we find out more, we will post an update here.

The website for Boston Burger Company can be found at http://www.bostonburgerco.com/

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