Wednesday, August 27, 2014

James Hook & Co. Site in Boston May Be Redeveloped; Store Plans to Stay Put

Last week we mentioned that a landmark seafood store and dining spot on the Boston waterfront was possibly looking to add alcohol to its menu and stay open later. Now we have learned that there are plans in place to develop the site on which it resides, though the shop would continue to operate there.

The Boston Herald is reporting that a developer is working with James Hook & Co. to build a hotel or a residential structure at the Atlantic Avenue site on which it currently resides, with the plan being for the seafood retailer/wholesaler to "maintain an expanded presence in the new development." The article says that the plans will be unveiled sometime this fall, with construction commencing no earlier than the spring of 2016.

According to the article, James Hook is still looking to acquire a liquor license and is also hoping to remain open until 10:00 PM, which repeats what we had reported last Wednesday, though we were told by @UniversalHub that the license request had been withdrawn late last week. (The Herald also says that Hook has proposed setting up a 72-seat outdoor patio.)

[September 8 update: According to a Licensing Board page within the City of Boston website, the liquor license request by James Hook is back, with a hearing on the issue taking place this Wednesday; the note also mentions the outdoor patio as well as the later closing time.]

James Hook & Co. has been in business since 1925.

The address for James Hook & Co. is 440 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA, 02210. Its website can be found at

[Earlier Article]
Update: James Hook & Co. in Boston Seeks Liquor License, Later Hours, Then Withdraws Bid

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