Thursday, September 04, 2014

Update: Owners of Now-Closed Sierra's in Sudbury Attempting to Open Erica's within Space

[Ed note: This article was updated several times to reflect new information given, including the owners trying to open a new restaurant within the space.]

A Tex-Mex restaurant and sports bar in the western suburbs of Boston has closed once again.

According to a poster on Twitter, Sierra's in Sudbury is shuttered, with the parking lot being empty for more than a week. This seems to jibe with a note from a poster on the restaurant's Facebook page, which indicates it may have been closed as far back as August 20 (Sierra's did not respond to the poster's question about it being closed). In June, we had reported that the dining and drinking spot was going through financial difficulties (it had temporarily closed in April of 2013) and was given more time by the town to pay off its debt, though at the time, with the Sudbury Board of Selectmen giving the restaurant until November to chip away at the amount owed.

Several phone calls placed to Sierra's have gone unanswered today (no voicemail).

[December 15 update: According to an article in The Sudbury Town Crier, Sam and Erica Cannarozzi (the owners of the now-closed Sierra's) are hoping to pay the back taxes that they owe on the place so that they can open a new Italian restaurant there called Erica's. The article says that if all goes well, the new spot could be open in mid-February. (Thanks to several sources for initially bringing this to our attention.)]

[March 13, 2015 update: A new article in The Sudbury Town Crier states that town selectmen have rejected the application for a liquor license for the proposed Erica's restaurant because the owners still owe almost $30,000 in taxes from the now-closed Sierra's.]

[March 17, 2015 update: The MetroWest Daily News says that the owners of the now-closed Sierra's plan to refile the request for a liquor license for Erica's, with Erica Cannarozzi being the owner of the proposed spot. The article states that the town of Sudbury has a lien on the property, however, and is looking to have it foreclosed, while Sam Cannarozzi says he plans to pay the debt owed, though he is not sure if he would pay it before a scheduled April 7 Board of Selectmen meeting takes place.]

[May 4, 2015 update: The Sudbury Town Crier mentions that the town has approved of a full liquor license for the proposed Erica's restaurant, though with two stipulations: The total amount ($40,000) of back taxes, interest, and penalties for the now-closed Sierra's must be paid before the license is issued, and the license can be taken away if the owner fails to pay real estate taxes owed on the new place and the interest goes above $100.]

The owner of Sierra's ran another spot in Concord called Serafina, which also closed two separate times and is now permanently shuttered.

The address for the now-closed Sierra's is 470 North Road, Sudbury, MA, 01776.

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Sierra's in Sudbury Given More Time to Pay Off Debt

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