Friday, November 07, 2014

Hilltop Steak House Property in Saugus Sold; Building Being Demolished

The property in Saugus where a now-closed landmark restaurant used to be has been sold, and it looks like the structure may be replaced by new commercial development, though nothing has been written in stone as of yet.

The Saugus Advertiser is reporting that the former Hilltop Steak House on Route 1 was recently purchased by a developer, who is demolishing the iconic building and possibly putting in a new shopping plaza and restaurant at the site. The article says that if the plans go through, the standalone dining spot proposed for the space may be a 200-plus seat family-friendly restaurant that would likely have "some steak involved," with the famous neon cactus sign from the old Hilltop remaining in place.

[April 15, 2015 update: A new article from Wicked Local states that the Hilltop building is being town down within the next month, though the iconic cactus sign out front is slated to be saved. The post also says that the earlier agreement with the developer fell through and that the previous developer (or possibly its associates) is now apparently involved--and that no specific plans have been given for the space other than a mention that it could turn into some type of a mixed-use development.]

[April 27, 2015 update: According to a post from WCVB Boston, the Hilltop Steak House building was demolished today.]

[August 5, 2015 update: A new article in the Saugus Advertiser mentions that a mixed-use development is being planned for the former Hilltop site, though a standalone dining spot will not happen after all (any restaurant built would apparently be part of the mixed-use structure). The article also says that the iconic Hilltop sign may remain in place if it can be retrofitted with lighting that is more modern.]

The Hilltop Steak House closed in October of 2013 after more than 50 years in business; its Weymouth butcher shop is still in operation.

The address for the Hilltop Steak House property is 855 Broadway (Route 1), Saugus, MA, 01906.

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Hilltop Steak House in Saugus Is Closing

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