Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gaslight Is Opening at MarketStreet Lynnfield

[Ed note: This article was updated on March 19, 2015 to reflect confirmation of the restaurant coming to MarketStreet Lynnfield.]

A few months ago, we reported that The Aquitaine Group was looking to open a new restaurant north of Boston. Now we have learned that it could actually be a second location of one of their South End spots.

According to a Lynnfield board of selectmen agenda page sent from one of our readers (and seemingly confirmed in a Facebook post from the Committee to Preserve Lynnfield), a second location of Gaslight--a French restaurant on Harrison Avenue in Boston's South End--is being proposed for MarketStreet Lynnfield, with the meeting to look into the plans taking place on January 5. This may indeed be the restaurant we mentioned here back in September, though the article stated at the time that it would be a "brand new dining and drinking concept." As soon we find out whether this new restaurant and the proposed Gaslight are one and the same, we will post an update here.

[March 19, 2015 update: A press release sent today confirms that Gaslight will indeed be coming to MarketStreet Lynnfield, with the restaurant opening its doors sometime this year.]

[December 29, 2015 update: A press release states that the new location of Gaslight plans to open in Lynnfield on Monday, January 4, 2016.]

[January 7, 2016 update: A check on the place confirms that the new Gaslight in Lynnfield has indeed opened.]

In addition to Gaslight, The Aquitaine Group also runs such restaurants as Cinquecento, Aquitaine, and Metropolis Cafe.

The website for Gaslight can be found at

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The Aquitaine Group to Open a New Restaurant at MarketStreet Lynnfield

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