Monday, March 16, 2015

Tavern in the Square Group Involved in Opening of Tavitas at South Station in Boston

It looks like the group behind a local chain of dining and drinking spots is going to be involved in the opening of a Mexican restaurant in the heart of Boston--and it should be popular with commuters.

According to an article from Eater Boston, a new spot called Tavitas is seeking the liquor licence from the now-closed Brighton Beer Garden, with the proposed eatery apparently looking to open somewhere within South Station. A web search gave a bit more information about the place, including the finding of a website for the restaurant saying it will be a "Mexican joint" that is coming this spring. The site also confirms what EB mentioned, that Tavern in the Square is involved with the opening of the dining spot (Tavern in the Square has an outlet at South Station, by the way).

Currently, locations of Tavern in the Square can be found in Boston's North Station and South Station as well as in Cambridge's Central Square and Porter Square, Allston, Burlington, Northborough, and Salem. (The people behind the restaurants also run Union Street in Newton Centre.)

[June 22 update: According to a job post within the Craigslist site, Tavitas is now hiring--and its job post is rather interesting; the post says that it will be a "Bad Ass Mexican restaurant inspired by the flavors, sounds and culture of East LA...with food made with authentic ingredients and bold flavors that will punch you in the mouth." A new article from Eater Boston indicates that the South Station eatery could be opening sometime this summer.]

[July 31 update: The Boston Business Journal states that Tavitas (which it describes as an "in your face" dining spot) plans to open sometime in mid-August; the article also says that Tavern in the Square owner Stephen DeSousa is one of the people behind it, along with Joey Arcari and Renato Valentin.]

[August 17 update: UrbanDaddy says that Tavitas opens a week from today (Monday, August 24).]

The website for Tavitas will be at

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