Monday, March 23, 2015

Uno Fresco Closes All Three Locations

It appears that a new concept from a Boston-based chain of pizza restaurants is no longer in operation.

Eater Boston is reporting that Uno Fresco has closed all three locations in Stoneham, Newton, and Deer Park, NY, with the closure apparently being "abrupt." A check on their website confirms this, with a note simply saying that they have indeed closed the three shops and refer customers to the Uno Pizzeria and Grill website.

Uno Fresco was a fast-casual concept of Uno Pizzeria and Grill that opened its first location in Stoneham last June, with the Newton location opening in November. The restaurants focused on lunch and lighter dinners, including salads, panini, and pizza.

The Stoneham location of Uno Fresco was at 101 Main Street while the Newton location was at 300 Needham Street.

The website for Uno Pizzeria and Grill can be found at

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Blogger Rick Kovalcik said...

I don't know about the other locations but I have to say that the Newton location had serious customer service issues. They seemed to always underestimate time. We were told 15-20 minutes for deep dish pizzas and it was always longer than that. We took to doing take-out and arriving in 25-30 minutes no matter what they said. What is perhaps worse is a couple of time we would go to pick up our food and it would be there (ready) but no one could be bothered to get it for us or ask us what we needed. We tried taking to the manager and got no where. I've got to think this is poor hiring decisions (possibly starting with the manager) and / or poor trainging and / or poor benefits / moral so that the staff just didn't care. It was a great concept but the implementation was sadly lacking for a fixable reason.

8:26 AM  

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