Monday, August 10, 2015

Nantucket's Oath Craft Pizza Is Opening at South Station in Boston

It looks like the people behind a pizza spot on Nantucket Island will be opening a second location, and it will be located in one of the busiest parts of Boston.

According to a Twitter post from Boston Herald writer @DGoodison, Oath Craft Pizza is planning to open at South Station, with the eatery's social media pages confirming this. Based on the menu at their original location on Straight Wharf, expect to see an eclectic mix of pizzas including possible options such as jalapeno relish, sriracha chicken, pulled pork, cotija cheese, cilantro garlic sauce, roasted potatoes, Canadian bacon, and pickled red onion. (Salads and desserts could be offered as well.)

If all goes as planned, Oath Craft Pizza could be opening at South Station by the end of the summer, according to a Twitter post from the place.

[August 11 update: Eater Boston says that the new Oath Craft Pizza will be located in a former information kiosk next to Auntie Anne's, and that they will use a solar-powered electric oven that does not give off any smoke and needs no ventilation at all.]

[October 22 update: The Boston Business Journal states that Oath Craft Pizza opens at South Station on Monday, October 26, and that CEO John Burns says it may just be the world's smallest pizzeria, with only 165 square feet of space. The article also mentions that there could be a total of eight to ten locations of Oath in and around the Boston area by the end of next year.]

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