Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sonia's to Move into T.T. the Bear's Space in Cambridge

Last month we reported that music may be returning to a landmark space in Cambridge, and this has now been confirmed, with a name being given to the spot along with other information.

Cambridge Day states that Sonia's is going to be taking over the former T.T. the Bear's space on Brookline Street, with Joseph and Nabil Sater of the adjacent Middle East being behind it. The article says the site is going to have renovations over the coming months that will include increasing the capacity from 300 to 350, cutting the existing bar in half, and removing the pool tables, and that the same food as next door will be offered within the club. (Sonia's will not actually have a pass-through connecting it to The Middle East, according to Cambridge Day.)

Alcohol will not be offered initially at Sonia's because T.T. the Bear's owner Bonney Bouley holds the liquor license for that space, so she will either need to use it at a new space or transfer it to the club (or another spot in Cambridge) before alcohol can be made available at Sonia's. Because it will not have alcohol at the start, Sonia's will be an all-ages/18-plus club for the time being.

If all goes as planned, Sonia's could be making its debut in the early part of 2016.

The address for the upcoming Sonia's is 10 Brookline Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139.

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