Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Dona Habana Is Opening in Boston's Newmarket Square

A new Cuban restaurant is on its way to Boston, and the people behind a Puerto Rican dining spot and a Dominican eatery are apparently behind the place.

According to a Licensing Board page within the City of Boston website, Dona Habana is planning to open in Boston's Newmarket Square, with a Facebook post indicating that it is moving into the space in the Hampton Inn and Suites (by Melnea Cass Boulevard and Massachusetts Avenue) where Rudi's Resto Cafe had been until closing in 2011. The post on Facebook comes from Vejigantes on West Dedham Street in the South End, which indicates that the owners of the upcoming eatery are also connected with Merengue on Blue Hill Avenue in Roxbury. (The manager listed on the licensing page is "Nivia Prina," which appears to be a misspelling of Nivia Pina, the co-owner of both Vejigantes and Merengue.)

Little is known about Dona Habana at this point in time other than the fact that it is seeking a liquor license and the space it plans to move into is 5,482 square feet (a total of 6,670 square feet including an outdoor patio). It also has a proposed closing time of 1:00 AM.

The exact address for Dona Habana is 811 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02118.

[September 2, 2016 update: Eater Boston mentions that Dona Habana has soft-opened.]

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