Thursday, October 01, 2015

Max and Leo's Is Opening within Game On! in Boston's Fenway Neighborhood

An artisan pizza spot in Newton that features coal-fired pies is going to be expanding to Boston--and this brings up some questions.

According to a Twitter post from yesterday, Max & Leo's is planning to open within the Game On! Boston entertainment complex by Fenway Park, with the poster indicating that it appears the place could be opening upstairs from the ping-pong themed Blazing Paddles (the upstairs space is currently being renovated). It is not known if the new location of Max & Leo's will have a coal-fired oven like its original location on Washington Street in Newton Corner--and the fact that no pizza spots in the city of Boston currently have coal-fired ovens increases speculation as to what kind of oven indeed might be used, since it appears that there may be regulations that either restrict or prevent coal-fired pizza ovens from being used in the city of Boston. (A message has been sent to Max & Leo's to find out more details.)

[October 6 update: Eater Boston mentions in an article that coal-fired ovens are actually legal in the city of Boston, though they are strictly regulated. This means that Max & Leo's could indeed have a coal-fired oven at their upcoming Fenway location, and it also means that Pepe's--which is hinting at expanding into the Boston area beyond its new Chestnut Hill spot--could also have coal-fired pizza shops open within the city.]

[October 23 update: A job post on the Craigslist site confirms that the new Max & Leo's will indeed have a coal-fired oven, with the listing saying "We are looking for an energetic and talented staff for Boston's first coal fired pizza concept located at the newly renovated Game On located at Fenway Park!" The post also says that "anthracite coal is clean-burning and environmentally friendly" and "because oven temperatures can top 900 degrees, Max and Leo's Coal Fired Pizza generally cooks in two or three minutes providing a crunch on the outside, a soft and moist texture inside, and perfectly caramelized toppings."]

[December 28 update: A new article from Eater Boston says that Max & Leo's is now open in the Fenway.]

Max & Leo's first opened in Newton Corner in November of 2011, featuring gourmet pies along with oven-roasted wings, craft beer, and more.

The address for this new pizzeria in the Fenway is: Max & Leo's, 82 Lansdowne Street, Boston, MA, 02215. Its website can be found at

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