Friday, October 02, 2015

Underage Drinking Sting Catches Nearly 20 Percent of Walpole Businesses

A southwestern suburb of Boston was the site of a sting operation last week, and nearly 20 percent of restaurants, bars, and liquor stores in the community are now facing a disciplinary hearing.

The Walpole Times is reporting that 5 of 29 businesses that sell alcohol in the town were reportedly caught selling to minors and now face a hearing that could lead to a suspension of their liquor licenses. The random sting--which establishments are warned of in advance--had three underage Dean College students go out with detectives to the restaurants, bars, and liquor stores and attempt to buy alcohol, with some places not checking for an ID and others looking at an underage ID then proceeding to sell to them. The places that were caught in the sting were Dalton's Package Store, Jalapeno's Grill, Palumbo's liquor store, Red Wing restaurant, and Tee-T's lounge, with Jalapeno's Grill being a repeat offender in this case.

Walpole police chief John Carmichael believes that the underage sales are due to inattentiveness during busy periods rather than intentional violations, according to the Times

A date has not yet been set for the disciplinary hearing.

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