Friday, December 18, 2015

Evelyn and Angel's Candy Shop in Cambridge Is Moving to Arlington

It looks like a candy shop and soda fountain that opened in Cambridge a couple of years ago is moving out of the city.

According to a couple of sources (including a Twitter post sent yesterday), Evelyn & Angel's Candy Shop on Mass. Ave. is moving to an undisclosed location in Arlington, with the other source (Rich O's Ravings) saying that the shop had been shortening its hours of late and became either mostly or completely closed over the past couple of weeks. It appears that the shop will reopen in Arlington sometime in 2016.

Evelyn & Angel's Candy Shop first opened its doors between Porter Square and Harvard Square around the beginning of 2013, featuring freshly-made chocolates as well as roasted nuts and candy.

The current address for Evelyn & Angel's Candy Shop is 1702 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02138; as soon as we find out exactly where it will be moving to in Arlington, we will post an update here.

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