Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lucky Rice Is Opening in Boston's Financial District

A new Asian restaurant is coming to downtown Boston, and it will be taking over the space where a couple of other dining spots have been over the past few years.

According to a Twitter post, Lucky Rice is opening on Broad Street in the Financial District, moving into the space where the Chilean restaurant El Molino was, and before that, the Mexican and Salvadoran eatery El Triunfo. Currently, very little is known about Lucky Rice other than the fact that its sign says "Chinese and Asian cuisine" and that it has a website whose pages are covered by large "under construction" icons. (As soon as we find out more about the place, we will post an update here.)

The address for this new Asian restaurant in the Financial District is: Lucky Rice, 71 Broad Street, Boston, MA, 02109. Its website will be at http://www.luckyricerestaurant.com/

[June 2 update: A Twitter post indicates that Lucky Rice is now open, though its website remains under construction and a menu is apparently not available as of yet.]

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