Friday, January 06, 2017

Crossroads Irish Pub in Boston Is Being Replaced by St. Locale

An Irish pub in Boston that closed a few years ago only to reopen is closing again--and may be replaced by a new spot.

According to a source, Crossroads Irish Pub on Beacon Street in the city's Back Bay neighborhood has petitioned to transfer the business to a new company, which would open St. Locale in the space. Little other information has been given, other than the fact that the manager listed for the new spot is George Vinal, and that the name of the parent company is SVRE LLC.

Crossroads shut down in early 2013, then reopened later that year under new ownership and with little in the way of changes. The bar is a popular place with both college students and Red Sox fans (Fenway Park is a few blocks to the west).

The address for Crossroads Irish Pub (and the proposed St. Locale) is 495 Beacon Street, Boston, MA, 02215. Its website is at

[January 18, 2017 update: Universal Hub mentions that St. Locale plans to be a "neighborhood dining concept" that is "food focused" while offering wine and craft cocktails as well. The Boston Licensing Board is expected to decide tomorrow whether to allow the people behind St. Locale (George Vinal and Angelo Stamos) to buy the Crossroads space.]

[March 3, 2017 update: A message from the place indicates that Crossroads closes for good this weekend. (Thanks to @stevebikes for initially bringing this to our attention.)]

[March 5, 2017 update: According to a Facebook post from the place, Crossroads closed its doors for good after last call Saturday night.]

[April 26, 2017 update: Eater Boston mentions that St. Locale is now open.]

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Blogger Mick T. said...

Too bad, the current incarnation of Crossroads does pretty decent grub at a good price.

5:17 PM  

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