Thursday, February 23, 2017

Deli-icious in Somerville's Davis Square Is Closed

A popular deli in one of the busiest sections of Somerville is locked up and dark, and it is not known if/when the place might reopen.

According to a source, Deli-icious in Davis Square is shuttered, with a check on the spot yesterday evening confirming that the chairs were up on the tables during normal operating hours and the cooler was cleared out. A thread within the Davis Square Live Journal site mentions the closing of the College Avenue shop as well, with one person saying it was shut down over the past weekend as well as Presidents' Day and into this week. As soon as we find out the exact status of Deli-icious, we will post an update here.

Deli-icious first opened in Davis Square approximately 10 years ago.

The address for Deli-icious is 20 College Avenue, Somerville, MA, 02144.

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