Monday, June 19, 2017

Update: Pronto Uyghur Cuisine Opens in Cambridge; Plans to Change Name to Silk Road

[Ed note: This article was edited on June 19 to reflect an upcoming name change that is in the works.]

A new restaurant has come to Cambridge, and it features a type of cuisine that is nearly impossible to find in the Boston area.

According to a tweet from @liuliuliu, Pronto Uyghur Cuisine is now open on Cambridge Street in East Cambridge in the former Pronto Cafe space, with another Twitter post showing a menu that includes such items as a chicken plate, dry fried noodles, diced noodles, lamb kebabs, stir-fried lamb, wontons, dumplings, pilaf, smoothies, and more. The new restaurant is the only spot in the Boston area that focuses on Uyghur fare, which is typically found in the far northwest part of China; a food truck called Uyghur Kitchen had once been in the local area, but it is no longer in operation. (An article from the Worcester Telegram from a couple of year ago mentioned that Uyghur Kitchen owner Payzulla Polat was hoping to open a restaurant in Cambridge, but it has not yet been confirmed that this is his place.)

The address for this new restaurant in East Cambridge is: Pronto Uyghur Cuisine, 645 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA, 02141.

[June 22  update: Eater Boston states that Pronto Uyghur Cuisine is really just a temporary name (and it also continues to have the old Pronto Cafe sign up), as it is waiting on approval for a name change to Silk Road.]

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