Monday, August 07, 2017

Hops N Scotch in Cambridge's Inman Square Being Replaced by Wit's End

It looks like a pair of dining and drinking spots in Brookline and Cambridge will soon be back down to just one, as its Cambridge location may be replaced by another restaurant.

According to a license commission agenda page within the city's website, Hops N Scotch in Inman Square is looking to transfer its liquor license to a new spot called Wit's End, which would operate at the same Cambridge Street location. The Cambridge location of Hops N Scotch--which is also known as Hops Test Kitchen & Raw Bar--offers a rotating menu of French and Italian-influenced fare along with an extensive whiskey and scotch list, while the original Brookline location focuses more on comfort food as well as beer, scotch, whiskey, and bourbon.

Very little information is available on Wit's End; as soon as we find out more about the place, we will post an update here.

The address for Hops Test Kitchen & Raw Bar/Hops N Scotch in Inman Square (and the new Wit's End) is 1248 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139. The website for both locations of Hops N Scotch can be found at

[August 10 update: A Craigslist job post confirms that Wit's End is indeed replacing Hops Test Kitchen & Raw Bar/Hops N Scotch, with the upcoming spot being "a new, casual, neighborhood place for those wishing to be with their friends, have a fun drink, dine on some small plates, play some games and engage in witty banter, friendly debate and perhaps win (or lose) an argument!"]

[September 11 update: According to a Twitter post, Hops Test Kitchen & Raw Bar/Hops N Scotch in Cambridge is now closed, with another tweet confirming this, showing a sign out front thanking customers for their support. (The sign also mentions Wit's End, giving a phone number for deliveries to the upcoming place.)]

[November 27 update: Eater Boston states (via Scout Cambridge) that Wit's End is now open, and that it offers a mix of small plates and larger meals along with beer, wine, and cocktails while mentioning that founder Pete Stein wants the spot to be a place for patrons to "play games, solve puzzles, and start conversations with friends or strangers in the spirit of new interactions."]

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