Monday, September 25, 2017

Blasi's Cafe and Fat Belly Deli in Dorchester Closed After Fire

A restaurant, bar, and deli in Dorchester is shut down for the time being after being hit by a fire.

According to a post from NBC Boston, a two-alarm blaze hit a block of businesses in Adams Village early Saturday morning, with the Adams Street block including Blasi's Cafe and Fat Belly Deli. The article says that the fire was self-contained, but it caused approximately $700,000 in damages and the businesses--including Blasi's Cafe and Fat Belly Deli--are closed for now. A Facebook post from the restaurant, bar, and deli mentions that they hope to be back in business as soon as they can, while thanking the Boston Fire Department and the Boston Police Department for their help as well as friends and neighbors for their support.

The address for Blasi's Cafe and Fat Belly Deli is 762 Adams Street, Dorchester, MA, 02122. The website for the place can be found at

[January 12, 2018 update: A Facebook video from Blasi's shows that they now have lights in the basement but a lot of work needs to be done before Blasi's Cafe and Fat Belly Deli can reopen, including water that has to be pumped out of the basement and burnt-out electrical panels that need to be replaced. (No reopening date has been given as of yet.) Thanks to a source for bringing this to our attention.]

[June 8, 2018 update: A new Facebook video indicates that things continue to move forward for Blasi's Cafe and Fat Belly Deli and that while they don't have a specific reopening date, they hope to be open for the holidays this year if all goes well.]

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