Friday, October 05, 2018

Taza Chocolate Bar Is Leaving Boston Public Market

by Marc Hurwitz

A shop in the heart of Boston that features hot chocolate, chocolate bars, and more is saying farewell.

According to a source (Stephanie Wong), Taza Chocolate Bar is leaving Boston Public Market, with the website for the business saying that "...with lots of exciting new plans [on] our horizon, the time has come for us to focus our activities at our main location in Somerville, which means we will be transitioning out of the Boston Public Market location on 10/13." The note goes on to say that George Howell Coffee will be taking over its stall, though George Howell already has a location across from Taza at Boston Public Market so it is not known if this will be a move or whether they will reside in both spaces (stay tuned for updates).

Taza Chocolate Bar first opened at Boston Public Market in the fall of 2015; the headquarters for the company is located on Windsor Street in Somerville.

The website for Taza can be found at

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