Friday, October 05, 2018

Update: Pho Hoa in Boston's Chinatown Has Closed; New Restaurant Moving In

by Marc Hurwitz

[Ed note: This article was updated to confirm that fact that a new restaurant is planning to take over the space.]

One of the bigger names among Vietnamese restaurants in Boston has closed, and it is not known for sure what will be happening with the space.

According to a Twitter post from @JCCraves, Pho Hoa in Chinatown is "gutted," with work currently being done on the Beach Street space. A call placed to the dining spot shows that its phone is no longer working while a call to the Quincy location hasn't been going through, either--and a call to the Dorchester location indicates that the two restaurants do not have a connection so they weren't sure what the status of the Chinatown eatery was.

As soon as we find out more about what might become of the Pho Hoa space in Chinatown, we will post an update here.

The update for Pho Hoa in Chinatown is 17 Beach Street, Boston, MA, 02111.

[October 10 update: Eater Boston states that Pho Hoa had recently (and apparently very quietly) changed its name to Pho Mai before closing.]

[December 4 update: Universal Hub reports that Pho Hoa could end up reopening, though a complicated situation involving the beer and wine license remains one sticking point, as the previous owners of the restaurant never transferred the license to the owners who took over the space approximately 18 months ago (and subsequently changed the name to Pho Mai). This means that the first owners will need to transfer the license to the second owners, who would then need to transfer the license to the new owners. (UH also says that a "certificate of compliance" from the state Department of Unemployment Assistance has to be tracked down as well before the transfer process begins.) In addition, it is not known if the Pho Hoa name will actually be used again, so stay tuned for more updates on this and everything else here.]

[December 7 update: According to a source (Geoff Wong), the restaurant that is planning to move into the space will not be called Pho Hoa after all, as a sign is now up saying that it will be called Eat Pho; this seems to make sense, as Universal Hub's article above said that the parent company from the new owners is called Eat Pho, LLC.]

[January 11, 2019 update: A poster within the Friends of Boston's Hidden Restaurants Facebook group page mentions that the people behind Le's Restaurant in Cambridge's Harvard Square are also behind the new restaurant coming to the former Pho Hoa space in Chinatown; a check on a page within the site shows the same address for Pho Le in Dorchester as that of Eat Pho, LLC, and Tran Le is listed on both pages as well--and there is a connection to Le's Restaurant (including another location in Allston) and Pho Le, so this does seem to confirm this news.]

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