Monday, April 15, 2019

Joshua Smith No Longer Involved with Moody's, The Backroom, New England Charcuterie

by Marc Hurwitz

The person behind an award-winning deli, a restaurant and wine bar, and a meat-processing plant has said farewell to all of the businesses.

The Boston Globe confirms what a source had told us earlier this month, that Joshua Smith is no longer affiliated with Moody's Deli, The Backroom, or New England Charcuterie, all of which are located in Waltham (another Moody's can be found in Boston's Back Bay). We had reached out to Smith when we first heard the news but never received a response, while the Globe quotes him as simply saying "I'm starting a new project and focusing on family." It is not known what the new project might be, nor is it known if there are any other reasons why Smith left the businesses; if we find any further information, we will post an update here.

Another spot that Smith was involved in--El Rincon de Moody's--suddenly closed around the beginning of the year and remains shuttered; that restaurant, along with Moody's Deli and The Backroom are all located within the same block on Moody Street in Waltham.

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