Thursday, November 07, 2019

TKK Fried Chicken/Kung Fu Tea Is Opening at Hong Kong Supermarket/Super 88 Food Court in Allston

A decades-old Taiwanese chicken chain that recently teamed up with a bubble tea chain to open its first Boston-area location is apparently planning to team up on a second location within the city itself.

According to a source (Sarah Wu), TKK Fried Chicken is opening within the Hong Kong Supermarket/Super 88 food court in Allston, with a check on the website for the chain indicating that it will be pairing up with a location of Kung Fu Tea; another source tells us that an outlet of Kung Fu Tea already exists in the food court, so we are trying to find out if that spot is moving to the TKK space or if they will share the existing Kung Fu Tea space.

Once it opens, TKK Fried Chicken/Kung Fu Tea will join another combination space in Quincy's Wollaston neighborhood, while several other Kung Fu Teas can be found in and around Boston. (Based on the TKK site, it looks like a third TKK Fried Chicken/Kung Fu Tea collaboration will be coming to Nashua, NH, as well.)

TKK Fried Chicken, which started out in Taiwan in 1974, features such items as fried chicken, wings, tenders, and chicken sandwiches. (Kung Fu Tea offers such items as classic tea, milk tea, slush, punch, and yogurt.) The website for TKK is at while the website for Kung Fu Tea is at

[October 16, 2020 update: According to a poster within the Friends of Boston's Hidden Restaurants Facebook group page, TKK is now open in Allston, and it appears that Kung Fu Tea is indeed a part of the space.]

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TKK Fried Chicken, Kung Fu Tea Are Opening in Quincy's Wollaston Neighborhood

by Marc Hurwitz (Also follow us on Twitter at @hiddenboston)

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