Sunday, November 23, 2014

Union Bar and Grille in Boston's South End to Close; New Restaurant to Replace It

A well-known restaurant and bar in the South End of Boston is going to be closing its doors, though the restaurant group that operates it will be opening a new spot within its space.

According to a post from BosGuy, Union Bar & Grille on Washington Street is shutting down on January 1, 2015, with the Aquitaine Group looking to replace it with a new dining spot that has a different name. The article says that the restaurant group is planning to open the as-of-yet unnamed place in April, though the person we talked to at Union Bar & Grille today indicated that it could be May rather than April.

Union Bar & Grille, which has been in business for 11 years, is a casual upscale dining and drinking spot that mainly features New American fare. Other places that are run by the Aquitaine Group include Cinquecento, Aquitaine, Metropolis Cafe, and Gaslight--all of which are in Boston's South End--as well as Aquitaine at The Street in Chestnut Hill and Aquitaine at Legacy Place in Dedham.

The address for the soon-to-close Union Bar & Grille (and upcoming new restaurant) is 1357 Washington Street, Boston, MA, 02118.

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Garden at the Cellar in Cambridge Is Closing

It looks like a popular neighborhood spot in Cambridge is going to be shutting its doors.

According to a note on its Facebook page, Garden at the Cellar on Mass. Ave. is closing down, with the post indicating that the restaurant was unable to reach an agreement with the landlords on its lease. (According to the post, it is "the food side of The Cellar Food & Drinks' operations" that is shuttering, though we will try to get exact details over the coming days.) The note from Garden at the Cellar ends with "Thank you for your kind patronage over the past 8 years through both Chef Will & Chef Brandon's time owning the Garden."

The address for Garden at the Cellar is 991 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02138. Its website can be found at

Thanks to food writer MC Slim JB for bringing this to our attention.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Joshua's Deli in Boston's Financial District Raising Prices in Response to Minimum Wage Increases

The owner of a breakfast and lunch spot in the Financial District of Boston is apparently going to be raising the prices of its menu items because of the increases in the minimum wage that are on the way.

A Twitter photo sent today from @ConciergeBoston indicates a sign is now up at Joshua's Deli on Batterymarch Street that says the following:

"As most of you may know, our own special blend of lawmakers over on Beacon Hill approved a series of minimum wage increases going from $8/hr to $9/hr on January 1st, 2015, and finally ending January 1st 2017 at $11/hr. For my employees, this is kinda cool. As a business owner, this absolutely blows. Costly Labor just got more expensive. Unfortunately, laying off any one of my employees would ruin my business model, and the life of said employee. As such, I am forced to increase prices. The increase will cover the entire breadth of the wage increases, and help offset any price increase from my suppliers (they have all warned me about this happening)."

The note goes on to say that as of January 1, most lunch items will go up by $1.25, with other lunch items--and breakfast items--going up by $1.00, while drinks will remain at the same price.

The address for Joshua's Deli is 44 Batterymarch Street, Boston MA, 02109.

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A Cigar Lounge Is Planning to Return to Boston

It looks like a cigar bar is making plans to return to Boston, though it is not completely certain which now-closed cigar lounge it is.

According to a job post within the Craigslist site, a "grand opening of a New Cigar lounge" is happening, with the place currently looking for bartenders and cocktail servers for its "Grand Re-Opening in Boston, Ma." While there has been no confirmation as of yet on which place this might be, it is possible that it could be either Cigar Masters, which closed its Back Bay location on Boylston Street over the past winter, or Churchill's Lounge, a spot near Faneuil Hall that closed in early 2013. (The only remaining cigar bar in Boston is Stanza dei Sigari on Hanover Street in the North End.)

As soon as we find out who is behind the reopening of the cigar bar--and where it will be located--we will post an update here.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

b.good to Open in Newton; Waterfront and Longwood Medical Area Locations Also in the Works

A small local chain of restaurants that features "real" fast food continues to grow larger, with a new location getting ready to open west of Boston and two others possibly opening within the city itself.

The Boston Business Journal mentions that b.good is going to be opening a new shop on Needham Street in Newton and is also working on leases for locations along the South Boston Waterfront as well as somewhere in the Longwood Medical Area near the Brookline border. Once the Newton location opens--and assuming the two proposed Boston locations do--they will join a number of other shops in the area, including in Boston's Financial District, Downtown Crossing, the Back Bay (three), Harvard Square in Cambridge, Bedford, Burlington, Dedham, and Hingham.

The BBJ also says that the b.good chain has been shifting its focus from being seen mainly as a burger spot to one that offers a variety of healthy items (though burgers, fries, and shakes are still on the menu).

The website for the b.good chain is at:

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Bred Gourmet to Open in Former Mrs. Jones Space in Dorchester's Lower Mills

A new gourmet burger spot is coming to Dorchester, moving into the space where a Southern-style soul food eatery had been until closing this summer.

The Dorchester Reporter states that Bred Gourmet is looking to open on Dorchester Avenue in the Lower Mills neighborhood, taking over the former Mrs. Jones space. According to the article, owner Tambo Barrow plans to offer burgers, salads, and smoothes to a "health-conscious clientele" and that he wants to be seen as a "burger innovator." If all goes well, the new eatery could be opening by the middle of December.

The address for this upcoming dining spot in Lower Mills is: Bred Gourmet, 2255 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA, 02124.

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