Friday, August 28, 2015

Medford Brewing Company to Launch This Fall or Winter

It looks like another beer company is getting ready to hit the local scene.

DigBoston is reporting that Nick Bolitho and Max Heinegg of Medford Brewing Company are looking to find space at a contract brewery where they can produce the company's beer, with Heinegg currently brewing beer in his basement. The article mentions that it it not yet known exactly what kinds of beers will come out of Medford Brewing Company, though Bolitho says that they want to appeal to "normal people" by putting out flavorful beers, while also catering to hop lovers as well.

If all goes well and the necessary paperwork and permits are worked out, Medford Brewing Company could be opening sometime in the late fall or early winter, according to DigBoston.

The website for Medford Brewing Company will be at

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Kingston Station in Downtown Boston Is Closed for Renovations; Status Unknown

A restaurant and bar in downtown Boston is closed until further notice, and it is not known if or when it might reopen.

Easter Boston is reporting (via a tipster) that Kingston Station is locked up, with a sign out front saying that the Kingston Street spot is closed for renovations. (A note on its website confirms this--with the note saying to check back "soon" for more information--and EB also says that its phone is disconnected.) A source within the restaurant industry who is in the local area is unsure of the status of Kingston Station, and no other information seems to be out on the place; as soon as we find out more about its status, we will post an update here.

Kingston Station first opened in 2007, moving into the space where Peking Tom's had once been. The restaurant features a mix of modern and traditional American fare and is a popular spot for folks going to--or coming from--the nearby Boston Opera House theater.

The address for Kingston Station is 25 Kingston Street, Boston, MA, 02111. Its website can be found at

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Spindler Confections to Open in North Cambridge

A new candy shop is on its way to a part of Cambridge that seems to be becoming a "small confectioners' district."

Cambridge Day is reporting that Spindler Confections is planning to open on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge next to Nussli 118° (a snack shop focusing on healthy treats) and a short distance away from Pemberton Farms (an upscale market that offers locally-made chocolates, candies, cakes, and desserts). The article mentions that the new store will feature small-batch sweets such as brittles, caramels, and chocolates--and it may eventually may sell cookies and other baked goods during the holiday season as well--with founder Jeremy Spindler saying that "Everything is done by hand, very small batches. No large machinery whatsoever." If all goes as planned, Spindler Confections may possibly open in early November.

As Cambridge Day notes, the city used to be a major player in candy manufacturing, with such big names as Necco, Squirrel Brand, and Tootsie Roll Industries being located there (the latter continues to make Junior Mints from its home on Main Street).

The address for this upcoming candy shop in North Cambridge is: Spindler Confections, 2257 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02140. Its website can be found at

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Candy Castle in Lexington Is Closing

A candy shop in the northwest suburbs of Boston is calling it a day after more than three decades in business.

According to an article in the Lexington Minuteman, Candy Castle on Mass. Ave. in the center of town is closing today, citing a proposed rent increase of 40 percent from the new owners of the building that makes the business "unsustainable." The article says that owner Paul Clancy and his wife will sell everything today at a discount until it is all gone. Candy Castle first opened its doors 34 years ago, offering everything from jelly beans to fudge to old-fashioned candies and much more.

The address for Candy Castle is 1853 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA, 02420.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Federal Judge Rules Against Restaurant at Site of Long Wharf Pavilion

Nearly 10 years ago, a proposal to open a restaurant at the tip of Long Wharf in Boston first came to light, and over the past few years, neighborhood resistance to the plans have resulted in a back-and-forth battle that has included a lawsuit, rulings both for and against it, appeals, and countless meetings on the topic. Now we have learned that plans for the dining spot have taken a serious blow.

According to an article from the site, a federal judge ruled yesterday against the Boston Redevelopment Authority's plans to have a restaurant and bar open at the site of the Long Wharf Pavilion, siding with the National Park Service which believes the space should be parkland that is protected by the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act. The article says that this latest ruling can be appealed by the BRA, and because the judge was not specific about whether the entire "cross-hatched area on the 1980 map" of Long Wharf is protected could potentially lead to further challenges.

Back in 2010, we reported that a couple of years into the battle on the space, a restaurant called Doc's Long Wharf seemed to be interested in opening at the site, though plans for the dining spot appeared to be in danger the following year due to a reversal of an earlier ruling supporting it, and the restaurant group behind it (Eat Drink Laugh) apparently pulled out of the plans the following year--though this did not completely scuttle the plans for other prospective owners/restaurant groups to open a dining spot there.

Long Wharf is located between the New England Aquarium and Christopher Columbus Park on the Boston waterfront.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Stadium Sports Bar and Grill in Quincy to Become Iron Furnace

What was once a growing local group of sports bars is on the verge of completely disappearing from the landscape, as its last location is getting ready to morph into a new spot.

According to a press release from @PatrickMBoston of Maguire Promotions & Hospitality, Stadium Sports Bar and Grill in Quincy will close after business hours this Sunday (August 30), with the Hancock Street place reopening about 10 days later as Iron Furnace, a casual American restaurant and bar that features creative pub fare, an array of craft beer and cocktail options, entertainment such as comedy and karaoke, and private function rooms. The new dining and drinking spot will continue to be run by Sharon Driscoll and John O'Sullivan, who purchased the Quincy location of Stadium earlier this year and also ran The Crossing in Boston's Mission Hill, which closed this spring after being in business for approximately six years.

The name "Iron Furnace" is a nod to Quincy's role in the history of this country, notably the John Winthrop, Jr. Iron Furnace Site which was built in 1645 and was the first commercial blast iron furnace in what would become the United States.

Stadium Sports Bar and Grill once had several locations in the Greater Boston area, including downtown Boston, South Boston, Quincy, and Waltham, with talk of others coming to Lynn and Worcester (both of those apparently fell through).

The address for Stadium Sports Bar and Grill (and the upcoming Iron Furnace) is 1495 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA, 02169

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