Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Rumor Mill: Is Flank Coming to Quincy's Marina Bay?

Earlier this year, a local radio person opened a new restaurant in Waltham that celebrated the tradition of beefsteak banquets, and now we are hearing that he may be opening a second location of the eatery along the water in Quincy, though we are still trying to get exact details on the place.

Earlier today, Greg Hill of WAAF was spotted with Jeff Sullivan of Urposse reward network, while a post on the Quincy Is Everything Facebook group page indeed shows the morning host visiting the city, with Sullivan responding to the question "Where and when is he opening his restaurant?" with "Announcement coming soon." This seems to jibe with rumors we have been hearing from a source that Hill may be opening a second location of Flank at Marina Bay, possibly going into the new luxury apartment complex being built where The Ocean Club had been, and before that, WaterWorks and The Tent. More details should be coming, so keep checking back for updates.

In addition to Flank, Greg Hill is also behind No. 29 Sudbury, an upscale Italian restaurant in Sudbury Town Square, and the upcoming Battle Road Brewery and Pub in Maynard.

The website for the original Flank in Waltham can be found at http://www.flankwaltham.com/

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Blogger Justin Barr said...

Indeed, if one looks at the skeletal structure currently in the spot where 'da tent' used to be it appears to be shaping up to be a perfect location and view for an anchor restaurant for the new venture, which will add at least 350 new units to that complex. Such a shame, considering the potential of that place, that the main outlet will be the same suburban rip off that was planted in last years similar new development in Waltham.

7:05 PM  

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