Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Boston Restaurant Talk Archives

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Welcome to Boston Restaurant Talk!

Hello, everybody. I am the founder of Boston's Hidden Restaurants, a Boston Web site that describes top Boston restaurants that aren't well-known.

After receiving many comments in my guestbook and through email, I have decided that it might be nice to have a site where people can converse about the Boston and New England restaurant scene.

Feel free to post comments, complaints, information on restaurants, etc. on this site. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Let me get the ball rolling. What is your favorite restaurant (or several of your favorites) to go to in New England? There are many, but I'll start by saying that one of my favorites is APSARA in Providence. It's a little Southeast Asian place in the slightly seedier side of the city that has incredible Vietnamese, Thai, and Cambodian food.

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