Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Staff Meal (A New Food Truck) Coming to Boston

A new food truck is getting ready to open in a Boston neighborhood, and it looks like it will be featuring some inventive dishes that will probably interest meat lovers.

According to Grub Street Boston, Staff Meal will be opening at a site on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain very soon, bringing to the area a place to get such items as
oxtail sandwiches, a pickled veal tongue burger with bacon mayo, and chicken liver lasagna. A recent check on the food truck's site indicates that other food options will include white anchovy deviled eggs, smoked halibut chowder, and a head cheese sandwich that includes mesclun and bacon mustard.

Grub Street Boston mentions that Staff Meal might start going on the road at some point in the future, but for now, expect it to be on Centre Street in JP (we will try to get an exact address for the truck over the coming days).

For more information on the new Staff Meal food truck, please go to their website link as well as the Grub Street Boston link below.

New Food Truck Lets You Eat Like A Chef

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