Wednesday, November 10, 2010

YO! Sushi May Be Coming to Boston

It looks like a London-based quick-food sushi place has its sights set on Boston.

An email sent to us by Sanderson & Associates indicates that Yo! Sushi may be making its way to the area, as it is currently looking at potential sites for the restaurant chain. Currently, there are no locations of Yo! Sushi in the United States, which is mostly in the United Kingdom (other locations can be found in Ireland, the Middle East and Russia).

Yo! Sushi, which started out in London in 1997, offers a unique dining experience, namely the use of a slow-moving conveyor belt to deliver sushi to diners. In addition to sushi, their menu includes soups, classic Japanese meals (such as gyoza, katsu, tempura, and korroke), and rice and noodle dishes.

The website for the Yo! Sushi chain can be found at:

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