Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Bon Chon Replaces Toki Super Fusion Cuisine in Allston

It appears that the people behind an Asian lounge and chicken place that closed in Allston earlier this year are in the process of opening a new Asian chicken place nearby, moving into the space where yet another Asian restaurant had been.

According to several sources, including a few posters on the Chowhound site, Bon Chon has replaced Toki Super Fusion Cuisine on Brighton Avenue, about a block east of where Privus Lounge used to be until closing this past spring. Privus was known in part for their Korean fried bon chon chicken, and also featured sushi and a variety of cocktails. The new Bon Chon restaurant is apparently being opened by the people behind Privus, as the site for Bon Chon appears to have been put up by the folks behind Bull restaurant, an upcoming Korean eatery in Cambridge's Harvard Square--and Bull happens to be connected to the now closed Privus.

The address for this new restaurant in Allston is: Bon Chon, 123 Brighton Avenue, Allston, MA, 02134. The website for the restaurant can be found at:

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