Friday, August 05, 2011

Carvel Ice Cream is Returning to the Boston Area

A chain of ice cream stands is getting ready to open a number of locations in the Boston area, and its name may be a familiar one to some.

According to the chain's blog, the franchisor and operator of Carvel Ice Cream (FOCUS Brands) is planning to open 30 locations in and around Boston over the next couple of years, along with 20 more in the Hartford area. The blog entry indicates that the ice cream shops will tend to open in malls and strip centers that are near schools, shopping districts, and recreation areas. It also looks like FOCUS Brands will open 10 locations of their Cinnabon chain in the Boston area as well.

Atlanta-based Carvel, which opened its first shop in 1934, used to have several locations in and around Boston, including shops in Brockton, Malden, and Woburn, but there are currently no existing Carvels in the immediate area.

For more information on the opening of Carvel Ice Cream locations in the Boston area, please go to the link below.

Sweet Franchise Opportunities Available with Carvel and Cinnabon! FOCUS Brands Targets Boston and Hartford Markets for Expansion

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