Monday, August 15, 2011

Mississippi Man Purchases 150 Town Spa Pizzas to Take Home with Him

A man who grew up in Stoughton but now lives in Mississippi is in the process of bringing a literal truckload of pizza back to his family from his former hometown, driving a total of nearly 3,000 miles in the process.

According to The Patriot Ledger, David Schuler of Jackson, Mississippi is on his way back home after driving from Jackson all the way to Stoughton, picking up 150 pizzas from Town Spa in Stoughton on August 13. The pizzas include 50 plain, 50 with pepper and onion, and 50 with linguica and onion, which he is transporting by placing the partially-cooked vacuum-sealed pizzas on their sides inside large coolers with ice packs along the top of the coolers. The total cost of the pizzas was $1,200, according to Yahoo News and the Associated Press.

The Patriot Ledger article mentions that this is probably the largest single-person carry-out order in the 50-plus-year history of Town Spa, which is known mainly for their classic South Shore bar pies.

The address for Town Spa is: Town Spa Pizza, 1119 Washington Street (Route 138), Stoughton, MA, 02072. The phone number is (781) 344-2030. And their website can be found at