Monday, September 12, 2011

Rox Diner Is Opening in Newtonville

The people behind a diner in West Roxbury are going to be opening a second location of the place, with this one being in a neighborhood of Newton.

According to The Newton TAB and Wicked Local another location of Rox Diner on Centre Street in West Roxbury is going to be opening on Walnut Street in Newtonville, taking over the space where KFC and Taco Bell used to be. The article mentions that the new diner, which may be open by November, will be offering breakfast and lunch, with dinner possibly coming to the place as well. (The owners of the restaurant are also hoping to get a liquor license to serve beer and wine.) Based on the menu at the original Rox Diner, expect such items as steak and eggs, pancakes, French toast, reubens, burgers, club sandwiches, tuna melts, and hot dogs.

The original Rox Diner opened a bit less than five years ago in West Roxbury, and a recent collaboration with the folks behind Sugar Bakery and the Real Deal Deli in West Roxbury (a second Real Deal is also open in Jamaica Plain) took place to open Sugar Baking Company and Restaurant in Roslindale.

The address for this new diner in Newtonville is: Rox Diner, 335 Walnut Street, Newton, MA, 02460. the website for the original Rox Diner can be found at:

Thanks to a poster on the Chowhound site for bringing this to our attention.