Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Back Bay's Otherside Cafe and Island Hopper May Be Replaced by Room and Board

It looks like two Back Bay restaurants may be forced to closed, as a furniture chain could be planning to take over the block in which they reside.

According to The Boston Globe, The Otherside Cafe on Newbury Street and Island Hopper on Massachusetts Avenue, are a couple of businesses that might be on their way out to make room for Room & Board, a Minnesota-based chain of stores that focuses on furniture and home accessories. The article mentions that the company is looking at approximately 40,000 square feet of space where the two restaurants currently reside, along with Sleeparama on Mass. Ave., a mattress store that also has a location in Cambridge. A spokesperson for Room & Board says that the chain "has not yet committed to a space," though the tenants on the block and real estate people are stating that the chain is in negotiations to take over the spot, according to the Globe.

[November 14 update: According to Hubway, The Otherside Cafe is going to be closing its doors on December 23.]

[December 7 update: According to BostonZest, Island Hopper is looking for a new (and possibly smaller) space somewhere in Boston or Cambridge. It sounds like Central Square in Cambridge may be one possibility, but at this point, there is nothing definite.]

[December 8 update: According to BostonBeerBars and Beer Advocate, The Otherside Cafe has apparently gotten a bit of a reprieve and will remain open through January.]

[December 13 update: According to The Boston Globe, The Otherside Cafe will be closing on January 28.]

The Otherside Cafe is restaurant that features vegetarian fare and a variety of beers, while Island Hopper is a Pan-Asian eatery that offers a number of Malaysian dishes.

For more information on this story, please go to the Boston Globe link below.

Back Bay could offer Room & Board