Wednesday, November 09, 2011

El Pelon Taqueria Has Reopened in Boston's Fenway Neighborhood

A popular Mexican restaurant in Boston's Fenway neighborhood that was destroyed in a fire a few years ago has reopened.

According to a poster on Chowhound (and confirmed by the restaurant's Facebook page and main website), El Pelon Taqueria is now open once again on Peterborough Street. The eatery had been one of several spots (including Greek Isles, Rod Dee, Sorento's, Thornton's, and Umi) within the Fenway's "Restaurant Row" that burned to the ground in early 2009. The folks behind El Pelon opened a new location of the restaurant on Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton in the spring of 2010, then started focusing on reopening in the Fenway, along with several other restaurants looking to open in the same block (Rod Dee and Thornton's are the only other restaurants returning, with the other places being new spots).

El Pelon Taqueria had also been damaged in a fire in December, 2007, but was able to reopen after fixing up the space.

The address for the reopened El Pelon Taqueria in the Fenway section of Boston is: El Pelon Taqueria, 92 Peterborough Street, Boston, MA, 02215. The phone number is (617) 262-9090. And their website can be found at