Thursday, December 01, 2011

Saus Is Expanding Its Menu, Asking Diners for Opinions

A Faneuil Hall dining spot that specializes in Belgian street food is getting ready to expand its menu, and it is asking its customers to let them know if two specific dishes should be added.

According to the Boston Magazine Chowder blog, Saus is going to be adding salads, sandwiches, additional wraps, and beer to its menu, giving diners choices beyond the existing frites, poutine, and waffles. In addition, the eatery is also looking to add a "Sloppy Jacques" and vegetable croquettes to the menu, but would like to see what customers think about these. If you would like to give your opinion about these two items, you can send them a Twitter message at!/saus_boston.

[January 23, 2012 update: Saus has rolled out their new menu, and the two items mentioned above have been added to it. To see a picture of part of the new menu, please go to the following link: Facebook photo of new menu at Saus]

[February 1, 2012 update: According to BostonTweet (via Eater Boston), Saus is now serving beer, and draft beer will be on the way soon.]

The address for Saus is: Saus, 33 Union Street, Boston, MA, 02108.