Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update: The Otherside Cafe in Boston's Back Bay Is NOT Closing

Last month, we reported that a couple of Back Bay restaurants were due to close because a furniture chain was planning to take over the block in which they reside. Now, it appears that the deal fell through and at least one of the eateries will be staying.

According to their Facebook page, The Otherside Cafe on Newbury Street will not be closing after all, because "the building we rent kicked us out before they had made the deal to replace, and then failed to make the deal." The deal had involved bringing Room & Board, a Minnesota-based chain of stores that focuses on furniture and home accessories, to the block where Newbury Street and Mass. Ave. meet, with The Otherside Cafe and Island Hoppper being forced to close/move. It is not known at this time whether Island Hopper will remain open--more updates will be coming, so keep checking back.

The address for The Otherside Cafe is 407 Newbury Street, Boston, MA, 02115. Their website can be found at

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