Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Smithfield Kitchen Is Apparently Coming to Boston's South End

It looks like a new business featuring food and/or drink may be on the way to the South End of Boston, possibly opening above a popular oyster bar. But is it going to be a restaurant? A liquor store? A specialty food shop? For now, there appear to be more questions than answers.

Based on a post within the EveryBlock Boston site, Smithfield Kitchen has received a business license to open at 550 Tremont Street, which happens to be the same address as B&G Oysters, a Barbara Lynch eatery that resides below ground level within the building. A few years back, Boston-area food/drinks writer MC Slim JB posted on the Chowhound site that "a fine wine & spirits shop was planned" for the space above the restaurant, but it had been "shelved" at that point in time. It is therefore possible that Smithfield Kitchen could be the wine and spirits shop that had been proposed for the space, or perhaps it will indeed become a restaurant or a food store (EveryBlock Boston does list the business as being a restaurant). As soon as we find out more information on the place, we will post an update here.

[February 8 update: According to BosGuy, the people behind Smithfield Kitchen may be the same folks who run Grotto and Marliave, and it may be moving into the Pops space, which is at 560 Tremont Street rather than 550 Tremont Street, which was mentioned in EveryBlock Boston earlier (see above), and would confirm in part what we had written about awhile back in this article--The Group Behind Marliave and Grotto May Open A Restaurant Where Pops Used to Be. More information on this spot will likely be coming soon, so check back for more updates.]