Wednesday, February 01, 2012

East Coast Grill in Cambridge to Change Ownership

A popular restaurant in Cambridge's Inman Square neighborhood has been the focus of rumors of late--namely, its owner possibly selling the place. Well, based on an upcoming License Commission General Hearing on February 7, it looks like there is indeed some truth to this.

According to the City of Cambridge website, Chris Schlesinger of the East Coast Grill on Cambridge Street, as "holder of the all alcoholic beverages as a restaurant license" is applying to "transfer said license to Three Initials, Inc. d/b/a East Coast Grill." Last month, Grub Street Boston had an article that brought up the possibility of Schlesinger selling the restaurant after being at his post for about a quarter century, handing over the reigns to chef Jason Heard and general manager Robin Greenspan. At the time, Grub Street stated that the sale was "tentative," with it becoming official as early as this month.

[February 21 update: The Boston Globe reports that it is indeed official--Chris Schlesinger is selling the East Coast Grill, with the sale being finalized this spring.]

[April 17 update: Grub Street Boston states that the East Coast Grill is now officially under new ownership, and it will be offering something new--lunch on Saturdays--starting April 28.]

The East Coast Grill is located at 1271 Cambridge Street in the heart of Inman Square.

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