Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 Food Vendor Lineup for the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston

The 2012 food vendor lineup for Boston's Rose Kennedy Greenway has just been announced, and it will include a mix of new and returning trucks, trailers, kiosks, and carts. Based on an article from Grub Street Boston, some of the new foods offered this year on the Greenway will be Greek items, grilled cheese, and tacos. The list of vendors for 2012 is as follows, according to Grub Street (mostly listed from south to north):

Kickass Cupcakes, in Dewey Square and Chinatown Park
BBQ Smith, in Dewey Square
Bon Me, in Dewey Square
Clover Food Lab, in Dewey Square
Lefty's Silver Cart, in Dewey Square Park
Renula's Greek Kitchen, in Dewey Square Park
Roxy's Grilled Cheese, across from Rowes Wharf Plaza and in Chinatown Park
Yo Taco, across from Rowes Wharf Plaza
Silk Road BBQ, in Rowes Wharf Plaza
Beantown Franks 'n Spuds, at Rings Fountain by Milk Street
Grilled Cheese Nation, across from Rings Fountain by Milk Street
Boston Pushcart, near the Carousel and Harbor Islands Pavilion
Culinary Cruisers, near the Carousel and Harbor Islands Pavilion
Anthem, on the Freedom Trail in the North End Parks
Boston Harbor Ice Cream Company, various locations
Equal Exchange Free Range Cafe, various locations

As soon as we hear about some opening dates for the vendors, we will post an update here.

[March 20 update: The Boston Magazine Chowder blog mentions that some of the vendors will be up and running on May 1, with all of them being in place by Memorial Day.]

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Blogger KickassCupcakes said...

Kickass Cupcake will be up and running on the Greenway starting April 1st. Mondays and Wednesdays at Dewey Square 11am-8pm, Tuesdays at Chinatown Park 11am-2:45pm, and on Thursdays with Roxy's Grilled Cheese at Chinatwon Park 11am-2:45s

12:25 PM  

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