Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The 2012 Munch Madness Tournament Is On

A restaurant tournament that is loosely based on the NCAA's March Madness has returned to Boston.

The Boston Globe's Munch Madness 2012 competition is now up and running, with 64 local dining spots facing off against each other to see which one is the city's best. The bracket includes many restaurants that were part of last year's competition, along with some newcomers to the tourney. Last year, Hungry Mother in Cambridge defeated the East Coast Grill (also in Cambridge), with the other two to make the final four being Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain and Craigie on Main in Cambridge.

Round 1 voting will take place today and tomorrow, with Rounds 2 through 4 running through the next several days. The Final Four will be on March 29-30, with the championship being March 31-April 1. The winner will be announced on April 4.

For more information--including the initial matchups and the results of each round--please go to the Boston Globe link below.

[March 29 update: The Final Four are now in place for Munch Madness, with Hungry Mother (Cambridge) facing Highland Kitchen (Somerville) and Craigie on Main (Cambridge) facing Eastern Standard (Boston) in this round. (Please go to the Boston Globe link above for the results of each round so far.)]

[April 1 update: The Championship Round is taking place right now between Hungry Mother and Craigie on Main (both in Cambridge), with voting finishing up by the end of today (results will be announced on April 4).]

[April 4 update: Hungry Mother has won the 2012 Munch Madness tournament.]

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