Friday, April 06, 2012

75 on Liberty Wharf Is Opening at Liberty Wharf in Boston

[Ed note: This article was updated to reflect a name change for the restaurant as well as when it might open.]

It looks like a neighborhood restaurant and bar in Boston's Beacon Hill will be opening a new spot at Liberty Wharf in the Seaport District.

A job post on the Craigslist site indicates that a new dining spot is coming to Liberty Wharf, with the post stating that "one of the most recognizable bars in Boston is opening a new restaurant." The post goes on to request that folks who are interested in working at the upcoming place should bring their resumes to 75 Chestnut Street, which happens to be the address of the restaurant 75 Chestnut.

[April 6 update: The person behind 75 Chestnut is also behind Cheers on Beacon Street, which should explain the phrase "one of the most recognizable bars in Boston" that is within the job post. Thanks to Eater Boston for mentioning this.]

[April 9 update: As the poster below indicates, the name of the planned restaurant and bar will be Little Chestnut Boston Harbor. (August 20 update: The name has changed--see note below.) An article from Universal Hub mentions this, along with the fact that the spot would be opening within a vacant kiosk, having just under 1,500 square feet of space and a capacity of 60. The Boston Licensing Board will be taking this up on Wednesday, so stay tuned for further updates.]

[August 20 update: Grub Street Boston reports that the new restaurant will be called "75 on Liberty Wharf," and it may be open sometime in late September.]

[October 16 update: According to their Facebook page, 75 on Liberty Wharf opens tomorrow.]

The new restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner, according to the job post.

75 Chestnut is a restaurant that our sister site (Boston's Hidden Restaurants) has featured as an under-the-radar dining spot that is worth checking out for its upscale comfort food dishes. A review of the place can be found at the link below.