Monday, May 14, 2012

Kitchen Nightmares Is Coming to La Galleria 33 in Boston's North End

Earlier this year, we reported that a reality TV series that stars a celebrity chef was getting ready to cast for the next season, and the show had been looking to return to Boston once again. Now we have word that the show will indeed be back in Beantown, returning to the neighborhood it was in a little awhile back. is reporting that Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares will be looking to help La Galleria 33 in Boston's North End, with filming for the upcoming episode beginning this week. The Fox show had been in the North End in late 2010 (with the episode being shown in early 2011) at Davide on Commercial Street, with Ramsay revisiting the eatery in the summer of 2011--and he was apparently happy with how the restaurant was looking, according to

[October 11 update: Eater Boston mentions that La Galleria 33 will be featured on Kitchen Nightmares on Friday, October 26 at 8:00 PM, with Part 2 of the show airing on Friday, November 2 at 8:00 PM.]

Kitchen Nightmares first premiered in 2007, with the show focusing on Chef Ramsay going around the United States to help revive troubled restaurants. The website for the show can be found at

The address for La Galleria 33 is: La Galleria 33, 125 Salem Street, Boston, MA, 02113.

Thanks to Chowhound for bringing this to our attention.

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