Friday, June 22, 2012

H Mart Is Opening in Cambridge's Central Square

An Asian supermarket chain that has one location in the Boston area is going to be opening a second store in the region.

The blog reports that H Mart plans to open a location on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge's Central Square, taking over the space where the Harvest Co-op and Clear Conscience Cafe currently reside. The article mentions that renovations will begin on the 18,000-square-foot space this September, with construction taking about a half year. Once it opens, the new H Mart will join another Boston-area location that is on Old Concord Road in Burlington, a short distance south of Route 128 and the Burlington Mall.

[May 22, 2013 update: Cambridge Day states that H Mart will probably not open in Central Square until the winter because the store and landlord apparently did not let Nstar know it was going to be opening, and the power supplied by the existing infrastructure is not enough for what is needed by H Mart. (Thanks to Eater Boston for bringing this to our attention.)]

[July 9, 2013 update: A page showing the details of tonight's License Commission General Hearing in Cambridge indicates that three eateries are applying for common victualer licenses to operate at the upcoming H Mart in Central Square, including Sapporo Ramen Central, Go Go Curry, and Paris Baguette. (H Mart itself appears to be applying for a common victualer license as well.)]

[November 18 update: Eater Boston mentions that the new H Mart that is coming to Central Square won't be opening until January 2014 at the very earliest, with the Japanese-American in Boston site indicating that the spring of 2014 may be a reasonable estimate, based on construction and the permitting process.]

[April 7, 2014 update: A new article in Eater Boston states (via Chowhound) that the new H Mart in Cambridge is opening on April 23.]

The Harvest Co-op grocery store moves across the street to a smaller space, while it appears that Clear Conscience Cafe is closing for good.

The address for the new H Mart in Central Square is 579-581 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge,. MA, 02139. The website for the chain can be found at

Thanks to Universal Hub for bringing this to our attention.