Thursday, July 05, 2012

Bottega Fiorentina in Boston's Back Bay Is Replaced by Trattoria Newbury

An Italian restaurant and food shop with locations in Brookline's Coolidge Corner and Boston's Back Bay has closed its Back Bay store, making way for what looks to be a similar spot.

According to the owners of the place, Bottega Fiorentina on Newbury street is now shuttered and is being replaced by Trattoria Newbury. It appears that the new eatery will have similar dishes, though this has not been confirmed as of yet. The location of Bottega Fiorentina on Harvard Street in Brookline remains open and will continue to offer such items as antipasto plates, pasta, panini, and more.

[July 5 update: The new Trattoria Newbury is now open for business, though it is not known what the exact opening date was.]

The address for the now-closed Bottega Fiorentina in the Back Bay (and the new Trattoria Newbury) is 264 Newbury Street, Boston, MA, 02116.