Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Internal Matter Restaurant and Wine Bar Is Opening in Boston's Fort Point Neighborhood

A few days after reporting that a new Chinese restaurant could be on the way to a section of Boston that has little in the way of dining options, we have learned that another eatery is being proposed for the same neighborhood.

The Boston Herald reports that Brian Bresnahan of Breznatron Studios and Fort Point Photography is looking to open a restaurant and wine bar called Internal Matter, with the address of the spot being 35 Channel Center Street. The article states that the 45-seat dining and drinking establishment would focus on comfort food, but no other specifics have been given as of yet.

Last week we mentioned that Beijing Taste received a license to operate at 15 Channel Center Street, which also happens to be where Brian Bresnahan is based. At this point in time, there is still no information about this proposed restaurant other than the fact that it has a license for this address.

The address for Internal Matter in Boston's Fort Point neighborhood is: Internal Matter, 35 Channel Center Street, Boston, MA, 02210.

[October 7, 2014 update: More than two years later, Internal Matter has still not opened, and The Boston Hospitality and Tourism Industry Blog states that the City of Boston will look into the non-use of its license today.]

[January 22, 2015 update: According to a Twitter post from @FortPointer, it appears that Internal Matter may finally be getting closer to becoming reality, as it now has a Twitter page--and @FortPointer says it is "soon-to-open." (Thanks to a Chowhound poster for bringing this to our attention.)]

[February 23, 2015 update: A post from UrbanDaddy says that Internal Matter may be soft opening later this week, and that it will be a breakfast spot in the morning, an espresso bar during the day, and a wine bar at night.]

[March 5, 2015 update: A Twitter post from @streetcartracks confirms that Internal Matter is now open.]

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Beijing Taste May Be Opening in Boston's Fort Point Neighborhood

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