Monday, December 10, 2012

Crescent Ridge Dairy in Holbrook Has Closed

A pair of dairy bars south of Boston is now down to just one, as one of their locations has closed.

A poster on the Boston's Hidden Restaurants Facebook page has mentioned that Crescent Ridge Dairy in Holbrook is shuttered after being in business for approximately five years, with a new spot taking over its space. (Very little information can be found on the place that moved in right now, so check back for updates.) A check on the Crescent Ridge website and Facebook page confirms this, as they have taken down all references to the Holbrook shop on the site, and a note on their Facebook page states that the shop is indeed gone. The Sharon location--which is also their headquarters--remains in business.

Crescent Ridge first started out in the 1930s as a dairy company delivering milk and other products to people's doors. Today, in addition to having their ice cream stand in Sharon, they continue to do deliveries to communities in many parts of Eastern and Central Massachusetts.

The address for this now-closed dairy bar in Holbrook was: Crescent Ridge Dairy, 176 S Franklin Street (Route 37), Holbrook, MA, 02343. The website for their Sharon location is at

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